Elprom Motor Industries (M) Sdn Bhd



Three-phase motors, efficiency class 1 made of aluminum body and aluminum shields.

Thermal class of insulation

Protective Varnish
RAL 5010. The motors can be produced in different colors on clients' requests.

Supply Voltage and Frequency
230/400V, 50Hz, work connection C Y - 400V when PN4.0kW Direct connection of the electric motor
400/690V, 50Hz, work connection C D - 400V when PN5.5kW Possible switch of the connections (Y C D)

Direction of Rotation
Clockwise. The motors can be reversed through a change in the sequence of the phases of the supply network.

Terminal Box
The terminal box is placed on top of the motor. The supply wires are connected to the terminal outputs of the stator winding. A terminal box with 6 terminals is used. The terminal box can be rotated at 90 degrees.

Technical Data

Elprom IE1 Motor

Elprom IE2 Motor

Elprom IE3 Motor